HO6 Insurance Seminar

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Re: HO6 Insurance Seminar December 12

Your Association will hold a free HO-6 Insurance Policy Seminar for residential and commercial unit owners from 6:00-8:00pm on December 12 at the Nauru Tower lobby provided at least 20 unit owners sign the seminar sign-up sheet at the Nauru Tower Security office or make reservations by E-mail to joni@naurutower.org. A Japanese interpreter will also be attending in addition to the insurance experts.

Specific subjects:

  1. How the association’s insurance works along with the unit owners’ HO6 insurance to better protect everyone.
  2. What can the HO6 policy do for the unit owners that the association’s property policy does not (example: the HO6 loss of use coverage).

Question and Answer Session:
Unit owners can ask specific insurance questions such as

  1. What does the AOAO policies cover and what do their own HO6 policies cover.
  2. What does the condominium association law says with regards to insurance.

If you cannot attend or are out of-state, you may also provide questions in English or Japanese to joni@naurutower.org so that they can also be addressed at the seminar.