NT_Alamoana_ParkThe Nauru Tower award-winning condominium complex, completed in 1992, is still considered one of Oahu’s finest architectural gems. The dramatic arrival atrium court is the formal entrance to the building and its expansive lobby with its almost 20-foot high ceiling. They reflect the value engineering consistency throughout Nauru Tower which has earned it the “Building of the Year” award.

Its still six pristine elevator cabs further reflect such value engineering as a seventh “service” elevator”, virtually non-existent in most condominium association buildings, provides access to service personnel and facilitates easy move-in and move-out. A small, life-saving feature, virtually unheard of anywhere, is the panic button on the wall of every bedroom. It connects residents with the Nauru Tower Security office for immediate response in emergencies.

The nearly half-circle design of the building with its radial configuration ensures unobstructed views and allows you to choose how and where to live–from easterly Diamond Head sunrise and moonrise views to westerly sunset views–with the full moon smiling into your window. If you love seeing end-to-end rainbows this is the place to be. You are also in the unique position of watching airplanes approaching or leaving Honolulu International Airport (depending on weather patterns) without their associated noise. Have your binoculars ready and you can also observe from your window or balcony the many close-by ocean activities such as surfing, sailing, para-sailing, and track the arrival and departure of cruise ships, to name just a few.